During the Conference all the necessary protection measures due to COVID-19 will be observed as they are foreseen in the current period!

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The Conference

The 1st Conference of CIVINET Greece – Cyprus Network will be held in OTE Academy premises at Marousi, on December 9th – 10th 2021 under the title “Greek Society towards the Challenge of Sustainable Mobility on the horizon of 2030”.

The main goals of the Conference are to inform the public and raise awareness about issues, which deal with urban transportation and sustainable transport, as well as to underline and promote environmentally friendly, socially just, “smart” and efficient transportation modes.

On the other hand, it tries to create a constructive dialogue between the stakeholders through the exchange of innovative ideas, international trends and best practices from the Greek and European market, within the very specific framework set by COVID-19 and Climate Change. The approach of the Conference is informative, while focusing on the development of the necessary networking between the local and international community of Sustainable Mobility.

CIVINET Greece – Cyprus Profile

The CIVINET Greece-Cyprus is the Greek-speaking local network of CIVITAS. CIVINET’s main mission is the promotion of the principles and objectives of CIVITAS at local level, as well as the promotion of the qualities and achievements of the Greek and Cypriot local authorities in Europe.

At the same time, it is the national multiplier of ELTIS in both countries, an institution of the European Commission that operates as an observatory and a know-how platform for sustainable mobility in Europe.

CIVINET Greece-Cyprus founded in 2018 and it’s the most numerous local network of CIVITAS, with members:

  • 120 Municipalities and (inter) municipal enterprises
  • 6 Regions (Attica, Crete, N. Aegean, Ionian, Western Greece, Epirus)


The Conference Agenda will be based on the following topics.

  1. Most Effective Practices and Accomplishments of OTA (Local Authorities)
  2. Institutional Framework & Funding
  3. Scientific Presentations – European Projects
  4. “Smart” Transportation – Implementations of the public and private sector
  5. Civil Society & Transportation

The Conference will consist of talks and presentations in both the main Amphitheater and other smaller halls, as well as in additional labs. Furthermore, it will include an exhibition of scientific posters, presentation and tryouts of specialised products, tours in successfully implemented programs and entertainment nights.

All basic presentations can also be streamed live, whilst the 2nd day of the Conference will be entirely international, with key-note speakers from Europe and reciprocal – simultaneous interpretation of Greek – English.

To Whom It May Concern

The Conference addresses:

  • Governmental agencies and regulatory institutions
  • Local authority agencies (of 1st – 2nd degree)
  • European Institutions and Bodies
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Academic Scholars, Researchers and Students
  • Business Researchers and Consultants
  • Social Bodies




Under the Auspices

Municipalities in the Spotlight

The Conference will be shared in digital and social media. During the Conference newsletters will be sent to targeted executives of the Sustainable Mobility sector (Greece & European level).

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Normal Price

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  • 2-day Pass: 50,00€
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Free Pass

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The above prices also apply for live streaming via a link that will be announced on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

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